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Play in New Summoner’s Rift on LIVE Server!

Updated September 16.

2DLevelMiniMap Hello,

I’m happy to tell you that it’s now possible to play in the new Summoner’s Rift on your Live server (NA/EUW/EUNE/…). You don’t need to have a PBE account!

Since SIU (Skin Installer Ultimate) cannot install this map, I made a program which installs the new map in a simple way.

The result is really cool and we are able to see most of the features of the new map. Let’s have fun! Read the rest of this entry

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New SR (Live) now working for 4.16

Hello everyone. I’m happy to announce that Chewbacca updated the new SR app (on Live servers) for patch 4.16.
You can get the app here. Don’t forget to uninstall the old map skin before installing the new one.
As always, I don’t recommend using it in ranked games. Have fun!

If you have any problems using the app, let a comment here or in the original post, so the author can read.

Update for Magic Rift

6 months ago, I published a post that explained I worked on an update for Magic Rift, a Summoner’s Rift map. The release has been delayed and delayed because of other works and, finally cancelled.

With the recent announcements for the New Summoner’s Rift, I finally decided to release this rework for Magic Rift, so people we’ll be able to play on it until the new Summoner’s Rift is officially available. Read the rest of this entry

New SR App fixed for 4.15

Chewbacca updated the new SR on Live app which makes the new Summoner Rift map usable in the game version 4.15.
As always, I recommend you uninstall all custom mods and repair your client before attempting to install the new SR. Also remember to test in custom game or spectate before trying to play in normal games. Ranked plays using this mod are not recommended by us.

You can install the map with the same app, through the uninstall button, and if nothing works anymore, repair your client with the game launcher to return the game to normal state.

Congratulations to Chewbacca to reach more than 2.100 comments in a single post, that’s really impressive! :)
If you wish to donate to Chewbacca for his hard work, you can do it with this LINK.

Anonymous comments are now blocked

Hello everyone. Unfortunately, with the big number of recent offensive and heavy comments, I’m now blocking the anonymous comment. Our website is age-free and there are smaller visitors that don’t want to read heavy words.
We, from YurixyWorks, wastes countless hours to bring exciting mods for the League of Legends community. And we don’t ask any money to create fun content.

From now on, to comment in any post, the user needs to be registered and logged in the website.
I apologize for the inconvenience this can cause to the “good guys” around and I hope you understand.

On a side note, Chewbacca is still trying to fix the bugs that the new game patch 4.15 caused to the new SR app. Have patience and stay tuned.

Chewbacca brings a new version for the New Summoner Rift installer

Chewbacca did it again. Now the new map comes with the new jungle monsters we were all waiting for. Check the full post to see more info about it. Read the rest of this entry

Crazy Minion

Thanks for watching! If you like the video, share it :)

Jinx and Blitz – Perfect Combo

Hello everyone. We made a new channel today called Wood Division. A channel for fun moments we have playing League of Legends.
Since I’m pretty new to this type of video edition, feel free to let your feedback / suggestions for improvement and new videos.

Subscribe if you like the video! We will keep doing more skins and videos soon!

Save yourself in case of trouble with the new Summoner’s Rift

Now this is a big title :D

This is a supporting post for the article: “Play in New Summoner’s Rift on LIVE Server!
Here are some hints to save yourself if something happens (for example: crash or bugsplat).

Read the rest of this entry

Yurixy’s Map Links temporarily down

After some investigation (thanks for the users feedback), we discovered that some links from skins made by me (Yurixy) are down. We will try to recover them as soon as possible, and if things get more complicated, we will change the mechanic to download my skins.
Skins and works made by Chewbacca (links from his posts) are unaffected by this.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

Update 17 July: Most of the links are confirmed to work, however, Firefox and Chrome may be blocking the content, please check any icon in the side of the URL address to check if they are blocking the page. We are still developing new methods that will make our life easier.


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