Ice Rift v2 is now live

After receiving feedback I want to present you Ice Rift v2 – an update that brings better contrast and fixes some texture problems.

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Ice Rift


Hey League of Legends community. This is Ice Rift – full texture overhaul of original updated Summoner’s Rift map into winter theme.

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Wooxy Open Beta is now available!


Hello everyone, I’m happy to tell you that Wooxy is now available in Open Beta!

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Wallpaper – Birth of the Phoenix


To celebrate the New Year 2015, I created this wallpaper – Birth of the Phoenix.
You can download the wallpaper to use in your computer/laptop/tablet or any device. The version on the left is 1366×768 and on the right 1920×1080.


🌠 Happy New Year! ;)

Happy New Year!

The YurixyWorks team wishes for everyone Happy New Year.
We sincerely hope that 2015 can be a wonderful year for you and your family!


In 2015, we from YW, will work hard to bring new fun content for League of Legends. Stay tuned and have fun!

Wooxy Open Beta patch notes

Hello everyone, it’s the new year tomorrow and we are about to release the Open Beta for our new custom skins installer: Wooxy.

But before, I just wanted to give you informations about what will be new and what will be changed. For the Open Beta, we fixed a lot of bugs in Wooxy (thanks to our alpha testers) but also we added many cool features to the installer. Read the rest of this entry

Vote for map skins Quality concept

Hello everyone. Chewy and I were discussing about our next approach in map skins and the Wooxy Beta stage. All of our decisions are made with you in mind for the best experience you may have with custom skins.

One important argument to discuss is about the Quality of future map skins. Up until now, we were creating map skins with two important aspects – Quality and Tempus.

Quality determines if the skin is HD (high definition), SD (standard definition) or LD (low definition).
Tempus determines if the time on the skin is Day, Sunset or Night.

The new Summoner Rift textures are very big already, with a single map skin containing 336 textures and over 200mb in size. So creating a higher quality than that would be useless since the difference would be noticeable only in very big sized monitors and the map skins would have almost 1gb of size.

Since the new Summoner Rift made by Riot has a new technology where it separates textures with “Low” definition in options menu and seeing that the change with the recent Low Definition Summoner Rift wasn’t so significant, we decided to make a pool where you can decide how should we work for next map skins starting this next year.

Please note that, by voting, you will help us decide if we will discard different Qualities for future map skins, if you vote YES, we will focus only in different Tempus for popular map skins (rising speed of map skins delivery), and if you vote NO, we will delay distribution of new map skins, but still providing LD versions for them.

Your vote is very important for us. Thanks for voting!


Wallpaper – Sky Flower Room


Merry Christmas for everyone! The YurixyWorks team wishes to you and your family a wonderful Christmas. ;)


I made this wallpaper specially to celebrate Christmas
Cold colors marking the winter


You can download the wallpaper to use in your computer/laptop/tablet or any device. The version on the left is 1366×768 and on the right 1920×1080.


🎅 Have fun in this Christmas! ;)

Wooxy – Design Update


Hello everyone. Christmas is almost here and we are still working hard to prepare Wooxy for the next stage.

Before we jump into Open Beta stage, there are some things I would like to present you. Sometimes I will show some work behind the design/theme of Wooxy, and sometimes Chewy will show some updates behind the mechanics of the program. Read the rest of this entry

Raise your performance with the Low Definition Summoner Rift


Hello everyone. Today I bring you two versions of the Low Definition Summoner Rift. I see a lot of people having problems with FPS/Performance with the new map launched by Riot, therefore I made a way to make your performance and FPS better in game.

Please note that the results vary greatly depending on your computer and graphic cards, there are a lot of factors involved. Each person will gain a different number in FPS/Performance, you need to test to see how will be your experience. The difference can be big or insignificant depending on your specs.
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