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Hello summoners!

Recently, we received some facebook messages and emails about errors on Wooxy or suggestions for the future. We love the feedback you send to us, but to better reach us, I highly recommend you always use the following form to send bugs or suggestions, instead of using youtube or facebook as a way of communication*:

Submit bug or suggestion

* Please note that we still read all youtube, twitter and facebook comments, but we give higher priority to the form link messages.

This way we can read faster and work on it. Other thing to keep in mind, is that we never reply directly by email: messages, bugs or suggestions. This is due to the fact that we are a small team and we cannot really reply everyone as we would like, unfortunately. However, we will always read everything and take into consideration for next updates. Thanks for understanding!

Moreover I have some quick advices for you, if you have questions about downloading Wooxy or want to make it work, please continue reading if you are interested in this. Read the rest of this entry

Kassadin – extended VU

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Hey, this is a quadra-reskin, or 4-in-1 small texture mod, that slighty alters Kassadin textures on most of his skins, excluding Pre-Void one. Main goal was to make them fit original artwork and make them slighty more detalized.

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Re-publish mistake

Today we had an old article republished over our facebook, twitter and google pages, it was edited with a new post date by mistake. I deleted the facebook post and the tweet from our twitter page. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this caused for you. Stay tuned for more news we are preparing!

New Wooxy Installer

Hi everyone,

I’m just writing here for people who have problems with Wooxy.

Some bugs may prevent Wooxy from updating itself. It means that even if I released a fix for some bugs, it’s possible that your Wooxy cannot update because of these bugs.

This is why I recommend that everybody download the new installer here.

Please, let me know if your bugs are fixed after that, or if there’re still problems.



Wallpaper – Crystal Forest (4K quality)


Hello everyone. I’m working on a new map skin for League of Legends, but they take forever to make. One other hobby I have is to create abstract art. Today I finished the Crystal Forest, and cut it into three different size wallpapers for you to enjoy.

This is the first wallpaper that I’m giving out a 4K quality (3840×2160), so if you like it, you can use it in retina displays or 4K monitors. There are also the Full HD (1080p) and HD (768p) sizes for all wide-screen monitors/tablets/smart-phones out there. Read the rest of this entry

Wooxy patch notes


Hi everyone,

The time has come to update Wooxy, at last! This update brings a new feature and a lot of bug fixes (thanks a lot to all the reports we received, they were really helpful!). Read the rest of this entry

Wallpaper – Arabian Dream


A new wallpaper – Arabian Dream
You can download the wallpaper to use in your computer/laptop/tablet or any device. To download, open the image in a new tab or left click and then click in the “View Full Size”.

Known bugs on Wooxy

Hello everyone,

I’m receiving many bug reports about Wooxy. For most of you the problems are crashes, especially when clicking buttons.
I’m aware of these bugs thanks to the reports.
I will publish very soon a new Wooxy version that will fix the known bugs and provide a better support for errors (there will be more details on error messages).

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your patience!


Night Rift – Join night hunter Rengar

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